I visited NextGen Church on March 27. Based on one of my

I visited NextGen Church on March 27. Based on one of my internship goals.

NextGen Church


– Woman pastor

– Husband’s big support

– Diversity/ mostly African American and Asian

– They are very balanced in different races

– Pastor planning Latino ministry in the near future

One of my Internship Goal is

As a woman of color and an Asian woman, I face more challenges, and having different support groups and individuals will help my personal growth and vocational calling. Engaging with women in ministry through various support groups and learning experiences will help me to define my calling. I will be at the epicenter of the church’s prayer group and take a leadership role when asked to undertake such responsibility. I will demonstrate my leadership among church women by convening women groups, prayer supports, and self-care activities. My supervisor will equally guide me to participate in Asian women’s monthly online prayer and meditation, attend workshops to learn more about women leadership.

Among the primary objectives of such a step is to affirm my calling as a woman of God. I will encourage and initiate programs that show support to women’s endeavors, pursuing familiarity with teachings of different scriptures, and stressing how God speaks to women in the Bible. I will spend at least one hour a week coordinating women groups for prayer and having discussions on women’s issues. I believe God calls women to serve uniquely. I am committed to the mentorship programs involving church women, meet with my supervisor and mentor, and engage with peers in school and cultural events.