I want project report.subject: Improving Efficiency of Syngas Production Facility in ammonia plant

an aim of project is to reduce temperature of synthesis gas compressor by introduce cooler(kettle reboiler heat exchanger) before first stage separator of the compressor.so temperature will reduce from 42 C to around 15 C.then consumption power will reduce.then further if ant to increase the production by increasing flow of syngas in loop.
so an objective of projects;
design calculation of heat exchanger kettle reboiler.in tube will syngas entering at 42C and in shell side will be ammonia liquid which will enter by 12C temperature.
I will do simulation of the loop by HYSYS aspen , then anayze the parameters.
so I want
result and discussion
future work
these chapters
8000 words should be. and turnit should be less than 10%.
time period: 10 days