Identifying Resources

For this Discussion, you will see seven threads labeled according to the competency areas you explored at the start of this course. You and your peers will work together to populate these threads with resources to support each other on the capstone journey.
Before researching resources and accessing the Discussion, take a moment to review the competency areas again.
Access Instructions

To access the Discussion, click on the appropriate browser tab to return to the Blackboard classroom. Select Discussions in Blackboard and then navigate to the forum for the Module 3 Discussion. You can preview the rubric and grading criteria from My Grades before submitting.
What you need to do…Select at least two threads to initially post one resource each that will support you and your peers in your capstone journey.
For each resource, keep it simple. Include:
A brief description of what you found and which competency it supports
Why it jump out at you
The benefit it provides