Idiomatic Expressions task

Type I
In these questions, an idiom is given by four alternatives. The candidate is required to choose that alternative which correctly expresses the meaning of the given idiom.
Directions: In each of the following questions, an idiomatic expression/ a proverb has been given, followed by some alternatives. Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given idiom/ proverb.
Q1: To turn over a new leaf [Railways, 1995]
A) To change completely one’s course of action. B) To shift attention to new problems after having studied the old ones thoroughly. C) To cover up one’s fault by wearing new marks. D) To change the old habits and adopt new ones.
Q2: A fair crack of the whip
A) Severe punishment B) A good luck check C) A period of importance D) Failure of administration
Q3: To talk one’s head off
A) To talk loudly B) Talk in whispers C) To talk to oneself D) Talk excessively
Q4: To wrangle over an ass’s shadow [SBI PO 1984]
A) Act in a foolish way B) To quarrel over trifles C) Waste time on petty things D) To do something funny.
Q5: To take with a grain of salt
A) Take with some reservation B) To take with total disbelief C) Take wholeheartedly D) To take seriously.
Q6: Hobson’s choice [Railways, 1991]
A) Feeling of insecurity B) Accept or leave the offer C) Feeling of strength D) Excellent choice
Q7: To take the bull by the horns [Railways, 1995]
A) To punish a person severely for his arrogance. B) To grapple courageously with a difficulty that lies in our way. C) To handle it by a fierce attack. D) To bypass the legal process and take action according to one’s own whims.
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Type II
Directions: I each of the following questions, four or five alternatives are given for the phrase in italics in the sentence. Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the phrase in italics.
Q1: He has come up during the last five years. [Stenographer’s Exam, 1991]
A) fallen in rank B) risen in status C) become proud D) become humble
Q2: After tolerating a lot of exploitation at the hands of the authorities they finally decided to stand up for their rights.
A) seize B) enforce C) negotiate D) vindicate
Q3: The boss should not have called Arun names in front of others.
A) abused B) summoned C) scolded D) praised
Q4: Last evening I was held up at the meeting. [NDA 1995]
A) kept B) detained C) stopped D) delayed
Q5: I have a problem to square up with the manager.
A) work out B) consider C) discuss D) settle
Q6: Sachin is not cut out for this kind of work.
A) work out B) consider C) discuss D) settle