IDSC 2190 Reflective Writing AssignmentFor your first writing assignment, you will reflect on an experience in one

IDSC 2190 Reflective Writing Assignment
For your first writing assignment, you will reflect on an experience in one of your disciplines and how that experience led you to pursue IDSC.
Please write a reflection (2 double-spaced pages) summarizing the experience, why it was relevant, what you learned from it, and how it inspired you to choose Interdisciplinary Studies as your major.
Select an experience that has an accompanying “artifact.” An artifact might be a photograph of you participating, a ppt presentation that you created, a paper that you wrote, or perhaps an article that someone wrote about you participating in the event.
Your experience can be a class that you took, a class that you taught, a volunteer experience, an event that happened by chance that you became a part of, etc.
Consider writing your reflection in “parts”:
Part 1: Summary — Summarize the experience.
Part 2: Reflection — Reflect on what you learned.
Part 3: Analysis — Analyze why this was an important learning experience.
Part 4: Evaluation — Evaluate the experience and what you would do differently given the opportunity to participate again.
Part 5: Creation — Describe how this experience has inspired you to create (design) a life that involves your knowledge, skills, and participation in multiple disciplines.
You will be evaluated on:
• Context and purpose for writing (audience and purpose)• Content (appropriate, relevant, and compelling)• Conventions (ePortfolio, blog style, personal reflection)• Syntax and mechanics (graceful language, communicate with clarity, error free)