INFO 321 Case Study Assignment 6 -1

Name your database Last Name_CaseStudy (i.e. Smith_CaseStudy). Upload the database to the assignment area as one of the deliverables (5%).
6) Create a Query (In MS Access) that may include one or more tables, as needed, that provides the results for the following request: List each NurseID, their last name, degree, and the H-ID and City where they are employed. Sort the results by NurseID (Ascending) and then by H-ID (Descending values) (5%)
7) Create one Form: New Hospital Input – this form should include all relevant fields needed (In MS Access) (5%)
8) Create One Report: Hospital List – this report should include any relevant fields that you think might be needed (In MS Access) (5%)
9) Content organization, spelling grammar, clarity (10%)
Here is the table notation for the spreadsheet:
Nurse (NurseID, LastName, Degree, H-ID, H-St, H-City, H-Tel)
Below you will find the spreadsheet that the IT department has put together for our use.
Hint: review the Normalization Part 1, Parts and Suppliers One-To-Many, and Parts and Suppliers Many-To-Many topics in the Terms and Concepts Forum – the content may be useful.
Please No Plagerism