INFO 321 Case Study Week 6

Use plain English and explain the concept and how it
applies to this exercise. You may use the fields in this exercise to aid
your explanation.Using the functional notation shown on pages
412, 413 Examples 14.4, 14.5 identify the functional dependencies that
exist between the attributes in the below figure. All attributes should
be included. There may be more than one row of functional notation
needed.The sample data in the spreadsheet is not representative
of “all” possible data, use your common knowledge of cars and owners to
finalize the functional dependencies. Consider the pool of possible
values for each field, this is called a domain.b) Identify a
primary key for the table in the figure and indicate whether there are
any other candidate keys (for this table) – explain your
c) Is the table in 3NF? If not, explain why –
(if you reference transitive dependency, you must provide a specific
example, using field names and values in the table to demonstrate your
understanding). Explain what normal form the existing table is in.Each car can be owned by only one person; each person can own many cars.

Include each question with your
answer. Submit a Word compatible document. Name your document Last
Name_Assignment6 (i.e. Smith_Assignment6).