Information Systems Student Competency Student: ____________________________________________________ Date: _____________ Chosen Modalities: ______________________ ______________________

Information Systems Student Competency

Student: ____________________________________________________ Date: _____________

Chosen Modalities: ______________________



Student Learning Objectives

Develop the knowledge base to use computerized systems.

Use technology to retrieve, evaluate and apply information

Task: Retrieve and evaluate descriptive and salary information on 3 different advanced imaging modalities. Using the found information demonstrate your ability to input the data into various computer systems.

Course Requirement: Students must prove competency with a 75% or higher. Should a student fail to achieve 75% or higher, the student must attempt the competency until 75% or higher is achieved. The first attempt will count for course grading average purposes. If student continues fail to prove competency the student will fail the course for failure to prove competency.

Microsoft Word: Choose 3 advanced imaging modalities you are interested in, and would like to observe during a clinical rotation. Create a 1 to 2 page descriptive paper briefly describing 3 advanced imaging modalities (types of ARRT credentials). Each description should include the certification as it is offered on the ARRT web site (primary or post primary certification), education requirements, and salary range.

Add Cover Page entitled ‘Advanced Modality Certifications’

Insert a Header entitled ‘Advanced Modality Certifications’ along the left margin and page numbers along the right margin.

Footer (your name and college centered)

Change font to 12 point Times New Roman

Place 1” margins for your document

Change paragraph settings to ‘double space’

Insert picture using Microsoft Word tools

Insert hyperlink from all used sources (The ARRT should be included)

Microsoft Excel

Create a table in excel that demonstrates the found salaries of the 3 chosen advanced modalities (pick 2 states to compare). Your table should include 3 modality salaries in at least 2 states. (Total of 6 salaries)

Find the average salary for each state, using the three salaries (each of the certifications) and calculating the average using excel average function.

Create new sheet under the same document

Rename sheet 1 “Average Salaries”

Rename sheet 2 “Salary Comparison”

Copy the table from “Average Salaries” and paste it into the “Salary Comparison” page.

Find the difference in salaries between the states for each modality using excel function. (Example: Modality 1: Difference in salary between State 1 and State 2; repeat for all 3 modalities)

Insert your completed excel table (Salary Comparison) into your Microsoft Word Document (A)

Microsoft PowerPoint

Create new presentation with unique color scheme

Create title slide entitled ‘Advanced Modality Certifications’ (should include your name and school

Create a slide for each of your chosen 3 modalities. (Should include Certification, average salary, and education requirements)

Insert a picture on each of the 3 advanced modality slides.

Change the layout/format/etc. of each of the 3 advanced modality slides so that they appear differently.

Insert at least 1 transition, animation, or audio into each of the 3 advanced modality slides

Create a reference slid to include all references used.

Insert the hyperlinks to reference web pages used for the portfolio on the reference slide.

Upon completion of tasks, the student will upload all 3 documents (word, excel, and powerpoint) to the assignment tab on the assigned due date. See course calendar.

Every effort will be made to allow the student to attend 2 of the 3 chosen advanced imaging modalities during a clinical rotation.