information tech topic proposal

The term paper will be about a topic of your choice that relates to management information systems or an information technology. A brief, one-page, written proposal explaining this topic must be submitted for approval.
Five Information systems/technology articles
Topics [select one]
1.The slow and perhaps cumbersome App Store for Mac review process is helpful in keeping a standard of quality.
2.FieldStack is leading the way in data analytics.
3.The Southwest Airlines IT system Althea works well.
4.The Blu R1 HD outperforms the Apple 6S.
5.With automobiles and systems containing Central Processing Units [CPUs] made by different venders, upgrades are a problem.
6.Southwest Airlines new IT system [Althea] is over budget [$500M] and behind schedule [1 July 2018].
7.Quantum key distribution [QKD] can only protect data in transit.
8.Fiber optics cannot be tapped into.
9.The Tallinn Manual is no longer applicable.
10.All public key encryption will soon be compromised by quantum computing.
12.Artificial Intelligence voice-mimicking software is used to dupe/scam people into providing money to false causes.
13.Quantum computers are limited by cost and range.
14.The United States has launched cyberattacks to infiltrate Huawei’s intranet and internal information systems.
15. Eastern Europe and Africa are the two areas where the Chinese are working hard to take over the IT infrastructure of countries.
16.China Telecom Americas can disrupt U.S. networks.
17.Airliner computer systems can be hacked.
19.Online classes save colleges and universities infrastructure dollars.
20.Professors spend less time preparing for and teaching virtual vs. face-to-face classes.
21.All countries should ban the use of Huawei Technologies gear in their 5G mobile networks.
22.Plug-in electric vehicles will make solar panel-powered electric vehicles non-economical.
24.Hackers can drain the batteries of electric vehicles.
25.The IoT cannot be hacked.
26.Privacy shield agreements between the USA and the EU are still in force.
27.About one half of a business firm’s profits can be explained by the alignment of IT with business.
29.Apple claims social media outlets disregard user privacy.
30.The Galaxy Fold3 is a marketing failure.
five Information systems/technology articles Relevant Articles: presentation of a current IT/IS management-related article. Information may be obtained from newspapers, periodicals, or online sources. A concise summary of the article will be posted on the discussion board under “articles.” A minimum goal is five.