Initial Network Plan

The goal is to support a range of ages, educational subjects, vocational training, skill acquisition, and GED or other certification programs. The community does not have an unlimited budget and plans to use bonds and donations to build the center. The hope is that the center will provide opportunities for both in person technology access as well as online courses/opportunities. Need for social distancing and reduction of vectors for disease transmission are important in the mind of the community, but planning for a post-pandemic future and realizing the needs of community members with limited technology background, computer/Internet access constraints, cognitive support needs, and preferences for in-person support are also important. The community would like to support BYOD options as well as on-site lab computers to serve a variety of community members.
Your task is to develop an initial network plan that considers these needs and goals. Keep in mind that this is a small community and there is not an unlimited budget, but a reliable, secure, and supportive networked solution is needed. Your plan should serve as a proposal/baseline for the community to consider. In your network plan, you should at least consider the following:
physical hardware (cabling, routers, switches, WAPs, servers, client/desktop/laptop nodes, topology, etc.
servers/services (web, database, file storage, VDI, LMS, cloud services, etc.)
backup and security (software and hardware, cloud services/support, etc.)