Instructions: Conduct research and select: One recent PRESS RELEASE (2020-2021) related to


Conduct research and select:

One recent PRESS RELEASE (2020-2021) related to business/organizational ethics which includes a business/org/managerial ethical issue or dilemma


Newspaper/Magazine/Online news articles/etc. like the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, etc. cannot be used.

The Main Research item (Case Study) must be from 2020-2021.

The business ethics-related topics for the journal article, case and press release must be different.

Do not use the same topic (ethical issue) or company/business for your article, case, or press release. For example, if COVID, Healthcare, etc. were the topic(s) for your article you have to pick a different topic (something other than COVID, Healthcare, etc.) for the case and press release.

You must do your own research to find relevant material. Thus, for this project, you may not use any of the cases in your textbook. Additionally, you may not use any of the following firms: Enron, Facebook, Volkswagon, Walmart, or Wells Fargo.

Write a mini-report for the press release. The mini-report should be at least three pages and must include the following:

A summary of the case (approximately 1 – 2 paragraphs)

Identification of the ethical issue / dilemma and the possible impact on the business/organization, stakeholders and society at large

Application of ethical principles covered in the course to the issues/facts presented in the case study (Theories and contemporary techniques from the textbook and/or presentations MUST be applied.)

Your evaluation/assessment of how the ethical issue/dilemma was handled. Questions to be considered: How was it reported in the media? Did the company resolve/attempt to resolve the issue? Etc. Provide justification for your evaluation/assessment.

Your recommendation as to how the ethical issue/dilemma should be resolved. Include the advantages and disadvantages.


I am looking for your analysis of the research findings and am interested in your demonstrating what you have learned rather than your repeating information found on the internet.

All paraphrases or quotations must be accompanied by in-paragraph citations and a bibliography/reference list. Quoted and paraphrased material are to be used sparingly. See syllabus for guidelines on the use of quoted material. Avoid “over-quoting” or excessive use of others’ material with quotation marks around it. Use your own words!

All responses to the term projects requirements are to be written thoroughly with complete sentences and appropriate English mechanics. Do not use bullet points, numbered or itemized lists, graphs, charts, or pictures! Express thoughts clearly in paragraph format. Be descriptive, and provide details and thorough explanations. Pay attention to grammar, spelling, syntax, organization of thoughts, etc. as failure to do so will adversely affect your grade.