Instructions: To complete this exercise, you will be creating an annotated bibliography. You must find

Instructions: To complete this exercise, you will be creating an annotated bibliography. You must find at least three resources (as outlined in the Paper Information Page) and create an in-text, a works cited citation, and a 250-word annotation. To help you along, I have broken down all the information you will need. To ensure the most versatility, you must use MLA format.
To receive credit for this assignment, download the two attached files, fill them in, and submit them to the Annotated Bibliography Dropbox
If you are unfamiliar with citing sources, I have included helpful links to creating one below. Completely fill in the worksheet to receive full credit. 
What is an annotated bibliography?
An annotated bibliography helps you organize and make sense of your sources. In general, an annotated bibliography is made up of the following parts:
Citation – This is the bibliographic citation that gives all the information about the source you are using.
Annotation – This is where you break down the information in the source. Each annotation is made up of three areas.Summary (sometimes called the Abstract) – What did the source discuss? What were the main arguments of the source?
Assessment – Is this source useful? Why or why not? Is the information written by a reliable source or was the writer biased in one way or another (they always are, some are just harder to detect)?
Reflection – Was this source useful to your search? How will this source guide further research or help you in proving your thesis?

Useful links
Works Cited Book: (Links to an external site.)
Works Cited Periodical (Journal): (Links to an external site.)
Works Cited Website: (Links to an external site.)
In-text citations: (Links to an external site.)
Annotated Bibliography: (Links to an external site.)
Download these 2 files, complete them, rename them with your last name, and submit them to the dropbox:1. Source Worksheet_LastName.docx  Download 1. Source Worksheet_LastName.docx 
2. Annotated Bibliography_LastName.docx  Download 2. Annotated Bibliography_LastName.docx