InstructionsLearning Objectives:Describe the characteristics of highly successful startups.Analyze factors contributing to the success and

InstructionsLearning Objectives:

Describe the characteristics of highly successful startups.

Analyze factors contributing to the success and failure of small businesses.

Review Lesson 1 and section 1.5 The Three Threads in Chapter 1 of Small Business Management in the 21st Century.

In a well thought out PowerPoint presentation, discuss the impact of e-commerce and digital technology for small business. How can the latest technologies be integrated into small business?

Develop a formal 8-10 PowerPoint slide presentation

Your presentation should include an Agenda slide, Speaker’s Notes on your main information slides, and an APA 7th References slide with in-text citations on your your main slides.

Including Speaker’s Notes furthers the content of your presentation in lieu of putting all your information on each slide OR record a video of your presentation and include the link for viewing.

Follow APA 7th formatting for structure of your references. 
Support your essay with 3 credible, academic references beyond the course materials. 
Please note that ‘pedias’ such as Wikipedia, Investopedia and similar general websites are not credible primary research sources and should not be used in your citations and References page.

NOTE: The two (2) attachments herein are:
1) an APA 7th formatting and style guide
2) an actual PowerPoint guide and template 
The main purpose of these are to show guide you on how to use APA 7th when and where applicable, and in this case for this particular PowerPoint assignment, you must format your References slides and in-text citations in APA 7th format.
Attachments7th_APA_Guidelines_03_2020 _2_.pdf(762.63 KB) 7th_APA_PowerPoint_3_2020 _1_.ppt(1.54 MB)