Intro to Information Technology

Computer LiteracyDoes your program require specific computer skills? Which skills are they? Should they be required? How can students efficiently prove that they have these skills? How often does the set of skills need to be reviewed and updated? How can being computer literate help you in school, in your career, as a consumer, in societal influences, and/or in world issues?2. Searching the Weba. What are some practices that search engines use to list results to keywords that users may use to search the Internet? What do you think about these practices; do they result in fair listings of sites? Does the order of results have any impact on user decisions? Search engines often allow sponsors to pay for placement of their site within search results. What do you think about this practice?b. Does IRSC have an academic integrity/plagiarism policy? Search the IRSC website to locate policy information. Consider your findings. Do you effectively paraphrase the content you use from research found? Are there websites that you can use to evaluate your paraphrasing of content? Pick a site and submit two writings to include intentional and unintentional plagiarism to evaluate the results received on both. Discuss your findings.3. Softwarea. Cloud Computing is becoming more popular, and many users are working from the cloud and not even realizing it. What kinds of software applications are you using that are completely web-based?Why do you use them instead of installed software applications?You really like the concepts of web-based computing and want to use as many web-based programs as possible. Write a brief paragraph discussing the programs you would use for productivity, file storage, collaboration, and communication. What are the benefits and drawbacks of each choice?b. Almost every profession requires some use of technology and software. Identify the field you would like to enter upon graduation, and then after doing some research, compile a list of software applications you expect to use in your job. If possible, list a proprietary application, as well as open source and web-based alternatives. Note those applications for which you will need training.If your chosen field currently does not require software, discuss why that may be the case. Do you foresee a time when software may be helpful? If so, what kind of a software might that be?