Introduction: My name is xxxx, currently enrolled as a student studying Information


My name is xxxx, currently enrolled as a student studying Information Science in University of xxxx. xxxxx offers students the ePortfolio platform to showcase their professional skills and abilities to employers. I decided to take advantage and use this platform to showcase my favorites projects during these years and use it as a platform to present my other works besides coding on Linkedin similar to github.
In my ePortfolio profile, employers could view my education, skills, projects, and relevant courses I have completed for my career. So far, I have two projects showing my ability to work as a team. One project showcase that I could handle complex workload individually. Also, one project showcase that I am a resilient person, and I could quickly adapt to different environments.

First project:

Second Project

Third Project

Fourth Project


A Reflective Essay (approximately 2 pages)

The reflective essay does not simply recount what you say about the artifacts in your contextual statements. Instead, use this question as a space for composing an answer to that common professional interview question, “Tell me about yourself.” Use this essay to explain how your identities, values, and material realities have shaped the ways you make sense of the experiences and the artifacts in your portfolio.

You might consider explaining your core values and illustrating–with narratives or illustrations, or references to your ePortfolio artifacts–how those values inform your academic work and experiences.

You might articulate how you see yourself carrying your knowledge, skills, values, and identities with you as you enter your professional and public life.

And you might explain what you learned about yourself when you look at all of your ePortfolio artifacts together, identify connections between them, and reflect on how these connections shape and are shaped by, to quote Dr. Shelton again, your “unique standpoint.”