Issues and Trends in Nursing

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For this discussion, answer the prompt below, provide at least 2 references, and use APA (7th edition) guidelines.
Healthcare delivery systems are complex, and the system in the United States may be the most complex on the planet. Nurses can play an important role in the development of future healthcare systems. Furthermore, quality is an all-encompassing goal in healthcare. It requires the involvement by all members of the interdisciplinary team and the institution. Ensuring quality care benefits everyone, from the patient to the institution.
Choose a type of healthcare system from pages 353-354 in Catalano (2020). Describe the advantages and disadvantages. What quality of care does it produce? Is it beneficial for nurses?
Have you ever complained about the care you or a loved one received while in a hospital or clinic? If not, why not? If so, do you know what happened to the complaint? Were there any changes made?


Jun 21st, 2022