Jeremy 10.19 / See below

An essential feature of a good book review is the reviewer’s ability to write concisely so that a comprehensive evaluation of the bock can be obtained from a brief reading. So, do not write more, write more concisely – find creative ways to communicate your critical evaluation of the book in a short essay.
The point of a scholarly book review is not to summarize the content of the book, but to evaluate critically the author’s purpose, thesis contentions, and methods of analysis. The bulk of the review essay will be an evaluation of how convincing was the author’s presentation of his thesis, and a commentary on the book’s contribution to an understanding of important issues related to the Christian faith and business. Among the features you will want to include in a strong review are:
a brief discussion of the author’s main contention(s)
a discussion of new Christian faith and business concepts you learned
share a couple examples from the book that you could relate to (quotations from the book
should be kept to a minimum, and should rarely exceed one sentence)
discuss any business theories, concepts and/or models you have studied at Eastern
University that you question or don’t agree with in light of Van Duzer’s approach
discuss how the book impacts the way you think about integrating your Christian faith in the
workplace and the unique challenges faced in business
Who is the intended audience?
Was the information credible?
Would you recommend this book to someone else? Why?
The review should be approximately 1,000 words (roughly 3-4 pages) in length, double-spaced using
12pt Times New Roman font. Do a word count on your word processor. Do not exceed 4 pages. Be
sure and proofread, Spell Check works wonders! Grading will be based on the rubric below
You are expected to submit the completed Book Review to the course Brightspace site before
the class period it is due.