Jet engine question (MATLAB)

All information included in the uploaded files, hand written solutions equations, and final answers.Matlab code should be detailed and commented. PLEASE IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DO IT, DO NOT TAKE MY QUESTION.
Develop a MATLAB code (or other engineering software) which carries out the cycle analysis for a turbofan with an unmixed exhaust and perfectly expanded nozzles. The code should use inputs of P0, T0, V0, pi_c, pi_f, alpha, Tt4, and any necessary FOMs. Outputs should include specific thrust, specific fuel consumption, and efficiencies.
You should verify your code by comparing to Example 4.13 in your text.
Submission should be a published, well-commented code showing the outputs and their comparison to the textbook example.
UPDATE 4/8/2022: You can use M0 as an input rather than V0. I’ve also attached a worked solution you can use to verify your answer rather than the example from the text.