Journal Entry 2

Hi Writer!

Below is the assignment, after this paragraph I will describe the current situation that is occurring within the place I am currently doing my preceptorship.

In the Journal 2 area of the document, write a 250- to 300-word entry in which you do the following:

Document specific objective(s) for the specific time frame. (At LEAST 2 objectives per my instructor)

Describe a problem, issue, or situation that you have observed during your practicum experience (no more than half a page).

Using no fewer than three peer-reviewed sources of evidence, analyze what you have observed within the context of your specialty using appropriate concepts, principles, and theories. Give special attention to observed events that vary from scholarly literature.

Explain the degree to which the problem, situation, or issue was addressed in a manner that is consistent with the theory, concepts, and principles detailed in the evidence.

Given the various evidence-based approaches that can be used in addressing the problem, situation, or issue, formulate a plan for approaching the matter differently.

Include APA-formatted references immediately following the content.I am currently at West Anaheim Medical Center in CA. A current problem I am seeing while precepting with my nurse manager is the following.. They are continuing to work on union negotiations. This includes nurse pay, safe ratio, etc. The nurses are not close to calling a strike, YET but management is working on focusing on staff retention and annual pay increases. The following pay raises are as follows.. 10% total over THREE years, 4% year one, 3% on year two, and 3% for the following year. Probably the biggest problem affecting the hospital is they are going to implement something called code-alpha which means no availability of beds in the ER and waiting room is at capacity. When this is called, all department heads and charge nurses will go to meet to work out how to facilitate opening beds on the units in order to move patients up from the ER to aid in patient flow.Let me know if you have any questions,

Thank you again !