Knowing Christ Paper

The more detail about Him you know, the better you will understand Him and how to relate to Him and His call on your life.In the previous workshop, you walked through the time leading up to Jesus’ day and paused in order to engage the political life and cultural tensions that affected daily life when Jesus walked the earth. This week, your journey in Jesus’ footsteps will cause you to experience the Jewish heritage Jesus inherited.The history of the Jews left them splintered by the time of Jesus’ day. Throughout their history, the people struggled with conflicts between what God wanted and what they wanted. Sometimes they lost big struggles. As a result, the Theocracy of Israel (i.e., the religious-political structure of the Jewish people) never quite reached its full potential. It became weak and subdued by other nations. Failing to remain united, the people became divided.For this assignment, explore and absorb the Jewish heritage in which Jesus was immersed. The heritage is no ordinary heritage, no ordinary history. It’s the heritage and history of the Messiah to the Jews, the Savior of the world. Learn from them, both the good and the bad.The following elements need to be thoroughly addressed:1. Use Ferguson as your main source.2. Complement your research with other sources.A section of the paper must be dedicated to the application, i.e., how you take the knowledge in the resources and apply it to your life.Acknowledge both positive and negative aspects of the Jewish heritage.Provide 2-3 pages.Provide at least two academic resources.Ensure that you use the Paper Writing rubric to guide your efforts and support your work with scholarly academic resources using APA-7  format