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The Yankees are better than the Mets because of a variety of reasons. For one, during the off-season, the Yankees got better than the Mets. This aspect is based on how they got better in all the facets of the baseball game while maintaining the best baseball record (Wagner). They have created a more powerful and dynamic offense, becoming more robust compared to their strength and game depicted during 2021. Over the years, their defense has been considered one of the worst, but with the improvements they have made, they have become one of the best defenses in Major League Baseball (Wagner). However, even with the drawbacks of the Yankees in the past, they have been considered ones with more success than the Mets. According to the various statistics that have been published, even though the Yankees have had a not-so-good record on defense, the Mets have also been not-so-good in offense, giving the Yankees an advantage and hence making them better compared to the Mets.

In 2022, the Mets had fewer runs, 772, compared to the compiled runs of the Yankees (Statspros). Generally, in the whole professional sports history, the Yankees have been ranked the most popular and most successful, an aspect that cannot be said for the Mets. According to their championship successes, the Yankees have won 27 World Series Championships which cannot be said for the Mets (Ziino). In addition to that, when it comes to the aspect of the players, the Yankees have some of the best players in the game. Some people have argued that this is a result of the Yankees’ high revenues, which means they can attract some of the best players in the game. Even so, this aspect makes the Yankees better than the Mets. Therefore, the Yankees are generally better than the Mets in the players, success records, and winnings.























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