Learning Goal: I’m working on a asian studies writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

This assignment will require two main steps. These steps can be undertaken in any order.
a. write about a text/topic/idea, using the assigned text(s) as a frame (1200-1500 words) • condense into groups of short sentences (aim for segments of 3 or fewer sentences of less than 8 words)
b. assemble/make a series of concepts that represent the text/topic/idea you’ve chosen to discuss • organize and juxtapose these concepts with your text.
For example, you may discuss one of the Vietnam War stories assigned in this course, starting with your reflection on the story, condensed in 3 sentences, then exploring such topics as empire, nationalism, trauma, industries of memory, etc. Your final product is a couple of paragraphs that juxtapose the concepts with your reflection of the story.
Additional Information:
Pick any critical assignment you have submitted so far. This should be your discussion of one of the primary texts (see the Primary texts and Secondary texts in the syllabus)
Select any concept(s) you find relevant in the secondary texts (if you’ve already forgotten what we have covered so far, refer to the syllabus again). The secondary texts are theories, not literature/film/documentaries.
Analyze (1) in juxtaposition with (2)