Legal Entanglement Project Part 6

The PowerPoint must be visually appealing and appropriate to present in a formal environment. Candidates must also utilize the “notes” section to expand on the information in each slide. The instructor must be able to understand exactly how candidates would present the information from each slide. Candidates will convey significant policies, laws, regulations, and procedures relevant to the selected topic. For the PowerPoint presentation, candidates should ensure the components listed below are met: Title slide—includes appropriate visuals, title of presentation, and candidate’s name/course Project Agenda/Outline Introduction Objectives—What is the goal of the presentation? Proposed Outcomes from this Project– What do you hope to accomplish with this presentation (i.e., policy creation, amendment, etc.)? Definitions– For the “definitions,” be sure to alphabetize them. Include any acronyms from the project that would help clarify vocabulary here. For example, IEP would be defined as “Individualized Education Program” and candidates would probably use the federal definition.   Consequences if Legal Guidelines are not Followed– Discuss what can happen if legal guidelines are not followed (i.e., litigation); expand.  The Reporting Process– Discuss who candidates would need to report to in order to amend or create policy. Who are the stakeholders who would be involved and how would candidates report the findings? (i.e., faculty meetings, board meetings, etc.) District Support Needed– What is needed from the stakeholders and district to amend or create policy? Literature Review– Using your Paper assignment, pull information from the cases and literature for this section. For the “court decisions,” include the analyzed cases used in the Knowledge Base: Case Review assignment. Be sure to also include the additional four pieces of literature that were used in the Literature Review assignment. Candidates should have a total of 8 sources (taken from previous assignments). Be sure to list the analysis in the “notes” section, not on the actual slide.  Conclusions Drawn from Literature— Summarize the literature review here. Conclusions Drawn from Collaboration— Summarize the collaboration with stakeholders here. Conclusions Drawn from Data— For this section, candidates will want to include the data used in previous assignments (Collaboration and Paper), too. Candidates should present the data on the topic. Charts or other visuals are helpful here. Include additional slides, if needed.  For the “recommendations,” please take those listed in the Legal Entanglement Project Paper.   References– Be sure to follow APA and use sources from your Paper.