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That being said, they have run into a lot of issues with their supply chain in recent years. Recently they have made changes in their transparency and tracking of ingredients, which has allowed them continue to do great business. Knowing a chipotle’s total sales for one work day would give us a better understanding of how their supply chain works. These figures would tell us more about their ingredients and the quantity needed at one time (one delivery) to keep operations running smoothly.
my team members info
member 1 Matt Cimino: Majoring in business administration. Senior at AU. Plan to help collect data and do research on Chipotles operations, Background I would say business admin and specializing in management.
member 2 Naim Bayusuf : Majoring in Business administration, management , Experience I’ve previously interned at a transport and logistics firm , And I’ve worked with people so I know how to work with teams And plan on collecting and analyzing data and increasing efficiency of Chipotle and maximizing profits.
member 3 which is me Waroud Alenezi: majoring in BS Management Senior at AU. (you can come up with more stuff

3. Project outline: After a brief introduction of the client and a description of your project focus, your proposal will provide an outline of your final project report. This outline should include a discussion of
a) who the team members are, what their background, experience and skills are, and how they will contribute to the project, [10 points]
b) how the team plans to gather data and collect information, [15 points]
c) how the team plans to analyze the information and data to suggest improvements, [15 points] ITEC 355 Operations Management COURSE PROJECT 4
d) what the current performance measures at this organization and operation are (if any), [10 points]
e) two to three additional performance outcomes/measures that would be appropriate for this operation (e.g. cost reduction, decreasing delays, increasing customer satisfaction, decreasing employee turnover rate, reducing response time, decreasing stock-out rate, increasing efficiency, increasing productivity, decreasing the amount of waste,…). [10 points]