Lesson 2 Lab (25 points) Identifying Key Components of Research Articles In Lab 1 you located

Lesson 2 Lab (25 points) 
Identifying Key Components of Research Articles In Lab 1 you located research resources and browsed several journal articles about psychological studies. For Lab 2, you will be writing a paper with at least 400 words, in which you will apply what you’ve learned in this lesson to identify specific components in some of those articles.
You will identify key components of one peer-reviewed journal article and enter the information here: Lab 2 Worksheet. You can either return to one of the articles selected for the Lab 1 assignment, or you can locate a new article. The components that need to be identified for each article include the:
research design
research methodology
and a discussion about at least one extraneous variable in the study.
Upload your completed worksheet and submit the Lesson 2 Lab.
Using APA citation style, include a list of sources, with active links to online sources or complete steps to access the sources from a database, so your instructor can access the original articles.
For all lessons, submissions without this information will not be graded.