Lesson 7 Activity 1: Bridges of Königsberg Go online and research the topic above

There are plenty of videos out there, so choose one to find out what exactly this problem is all about.
See the Job Aid for details and chart.
Activity 2: Play A game of “cops and robbers”: Ninja Assassin! http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/101013/ninja-legend-scorpion-clan
Activity 3: Traditional Graph Theory ProblemsThere is a really fun app game that utilizes a ton of graph theory called One-Touch Drawing. If you have a smartphone, download this app and take some time to play with it.
Were you able to develop a winning strategy? If you need some help, you will need to research Euler Circuits and Paths, and specifically Euler’s Graph Theory Theorems.
Check Your Understanding
Project Assignment – Task 7: What does a game look like that utilizes graph theory?Graph theory is a very creative and visually appealing branch of mathematics, but is it fun? Is it even fair? Your task this week is to take your chosen game and determine how graph theory plays a part in this game.*
How is it implemented? Does it add meaning to the game? Is it fair for all players involved?
Is the implementation obvious, or is it more about what’s going on in the “background” of the game? You might want to refer back to your discussion on sets because these ideas often carry over into graph building.
Make sure that you are clearly communicate your ideas and that you are specific in your details.
*If it feels like too much of a stretch for graph theory to be a part of your chosen game, think hard on this because you’d be surprised how many games can utilize it.