Let all the angels of god worship him; Handel Messiah

For the following project, choose a piece of music written between 800-1750 AD we have not discussed in class and write a paper of 7-9 pages in length (typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins). In this assignment, try to come up with your own thoughts, opinions, and observations. Your essay should be organized around a central point, which is argued convincingly and supported by evidence. While this isn’t specifically a research paper, you are strongly advised to consult outside sources when needed, and when you do be sure to cite them properly.)  Remember, you will have to write about the actual music of your piece in your essay, discussing specific musical details to support your point(s). While you will certainly need to refer the score for the piece you are analyzing, it is important to note that this is not a “music theory” paper.  You can certainly point out any major events using Roman numeral analysis when relevant to your argument; however, you should make sure it relates to a point you are making in connection to your thesis. You will need to listen to the piece and think about its content contextually. When preparing to write about the music, think of your piece in analytical terms. Think about the following musical elements:  form (how is your piece of music structured?)  forces (what voices and/or instruments perform the piece?)  • timbre (the sound “color” of the vocal parts and instrumentation)  • texture (interrelationships between different voices/instruments; layers of instrumentation and use of instruments at different points in the piece),  • harmony (does it use medieval modes or modern ones, both or neither?)  • tempo (is it a fast dance tune or a slower work?)  • poetic text (the lyrics, if any, including the work’s title)  Et cetera