Looking at Sports and Race in America

newyorker.com/sections/video/looking-at-sports-and-race-in-america When you’ve seen the video, please join this module’s discussion forum by clicking on the link above and following the instructions below,
Provide a well thought out response to the following questions: 1) Following your viewing of “Looking at Sports and Race in America”, describe your philosophy regarding the video and article. 2) What historical and philosophical ideologies were described in the video regarding race and it’s intersection with American social inequities.
Use the following rubric to guide your workTasksExemplaryAcceptableUnacceptableContentResponse contains thoughtfully supported answers to the 2 discussion board questions. ( 5 points)Response contains moderately supported answers to the 2 discussion board questions. ( 3 points)Response contains no answers to the 2 discussion board questions.( 0 points)CreativityResponse provides insight of thought beyond text to stimulate commentary. ( 5 points)Response is textual with little attempt to stimulate commentary. ( 3 points)Response does not connect to audience to elicit commentary. ( 0 points)Writing QualityResponse is free of grammatical, spelling,