M2A2 Intro to Business / Organizational Structures

In 3-5 sentences, describe the company, the company product and or service (industry), and geographical service area. Be creative: this is a very flexible assignment designed to allow you to select any type of product or service (industry) that you would like to explore. Choose a company that would work well with this ‘scenario’ and learning activity. Refer to the information of Chapter 7 of Introduction to Business for more information on organizational structures before you begin.Part II: Begin by briefly explaining the following structures:Traditional departmentalizationMatrixCommittee, andTeam-basedPart III: Compare the advantages and disadvantages for each organizational structure and identify which structure you recommend for their specific business. Be sure your answer refers to their specific product and or service (industry), the geographical coverage area from Part I, and also connects to the explanations you provided in Part II.