M7.4: Project: Sharing Your Strategic Communication Plan

Over this term, you have immersed yourself in the role of health or public health leader in a community/setting of your choosing. Within this role, you have developed a strategic communication plan to address a pressing health or public health issue.  You followed the process for communication planning laid out in the Community Toolbox (Links to an external site.), a widely used resource by communities around the nation. Now, your plan is formed, and it’s time to share it out beyond your organization.
TED Talks are an increasingly popular venue for sharing best practices and recommended strategies for other leaders to use. There are many, many TED channels from universities to communities to all different forms of organizations and solo entrepreneurs. Imagine that your local public broadcasting station has a TED channel. The TED Talks coordinator has invited everyone in the class to record a TED Talk on your strategic community plans. This is your opportunity to shine, and for your organization to shine, as well!
With this scenario in mind, you will share out your strategic communication plan as a formal TED Talk.  Imagine that leaders from the community, media representatives, staff and leadership from your organization, and leaders from other health and public health organizations will watch your TED Talk.
As you prepare your presentation, consider not only the plan that you need to share but questions that these viewers might ask and concerns that they might have. Try to get ahead of the questions in a proactive manner. Your TED Talk should address the nine steps (Links to an external site.) to develop a communication plan.  
TED Talks are different from a voice-over presentation. PowerPoint voice-overs are considered unacceptable in TED Talks, so avoid this presentation style at all costs. That said, using some visuals are acceptable, such as a chart or an emotion-evoking photo. Consider telling a story that draws your audience in or using a bit of humor. Use important questions that can anchor your presentation. There are many ways to do an effective TED Talk. Use the resources to figure out what works for you. Think of your strategic plan as the answer to a crucial question or problem that can make a profound difference for a group of people, organization, or community. Present with the importance of your idea in mind. TED is about sharing ideas. Your plan is an idea with value!
Instructions: 10 slides with detailed speaker’s notes
As you create the talking points for your TED Talk, be sure to include the following information:
An opening – what is your idea and why should people care.
Then segue into issue and community/organization/group you have focused on
Provide a very brief synopsis of the evidence base, or what we know
Share your 9-step communication strategic plan; thinking of TED best practices, you might consider framing this as rich examples or a story.
Why you chose this plan – what’s compelling about it?
Any stakeholder issues you foresee (positive and negative)
Any ethical or legal concerns that may need to be considered
Invite questions and comments. Be as creative as you want. For example, one Excelsior student had someone pose as an audience member and ask a pre-determined question; conversely, you could do this and ask the “audience” a question that the person then answers.

Helpful Resources:
You may find this TED Talk from your Module 6 learning materials useful as a model: TED. (2020, October). How to lead in a crisis (Links to an external site.) [Video, 04:40 min].

You may also be interested in how the TED Talk speaker set up his background for his TED Talk (note: the content does not relate to this course; this example simply shows another option for planning your Talk): TED. (2021). The emotions behind your money habits (Links to an external site.). [Video, 08:34 min].

Review these resources carefully to learn and follow the conventions for creating a formal TED Talk:Lee, K. (2017, February). 10 tips for speaking like a Ted Talk pro (Links to an external site.). American Psychological Association.
*PARSONS, L. (2019). How to Deliver a Message with Impact: My Story, Behind the Scenes of a TED Talk (Links to an external site.). Teachers Matter, 41, 35–37.
TED. (n.d.). How to make a great presentation (playlist) (Links to an external site.).
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