MAJOR project part 1

assginment 1:
At the beginning of the course you will write a brief summary of an overview of your community partner site as well as your expectations for your experience and the course for the semester. Your summary should be approximately 1-2 pages and submitted via Canvas.
ok so can you pick a website? and then make sure it follows the guidelines in the template i will attach. also chose the topic MENTAL HEALTH IN ADULTS. this is the seocnd part

2nd assignment:

Please discuss the research question and themes you plan to use for your literature review. How did you come up with those themes? How will they help you to understand your research topic? Are those themes related to your community map?
3rd assignment is the maping tools this will be the 3,4,5 templates
Community Mapping is a tool that can be used to tell a story about what is happening in a community. During a community mapping event, community members typically come together to collect data regarding the status of the community including demographic information, available resources, health conditions, etc. This helps the community to identify areas where additional interventions or alterations to current interventions might be useful. For this project, you will work with your community partner to complete the provided community mapping tool template

4th assignment:

A literature review is both a summary and explanation of the complete and current state of knowledge on a limited topic that can be found in academic books and journal articles. For this course, you will prepare a literature review aimed at the project you are working on with your community partner. The literature review should include themes and topics that you are looking to address throughout the semester. You will also review a peer’s paper.