make a presentation plus the outline

Company name for presenation is : Shake Shack
8-10 minute presentation on your research paper.
Presentation will cover:
Chapter 7: Training and Development
Chapter 8: Performance Management
Chapter 9: Managing Compensation
Chapter 10:Pay for Performance
Presentation should include information on how the company of your choice trains and develops employees. What training programs do they offer? How is training viewed within the organization? How does their training program align with the unique jobs they must recruit for? Is the organization considered a learning organization? Why or Why not?
How is the company currently performing and how is performance measured at an organizational level? How does the company manage and evaluate employee performance? How is employee performance aligned with organizational goals? What performance issues has the company faced? What role does HRM play in the performance management process?
The presentation should also include how the organization pays and incentivizes employees. Are bonusses or other pay for performance programs used? If so, which ones and how are they designed? Can you find examples of equal pay laws being violated? If so, how did these violations impact the company or industry? Do employees feel they are paid fairly? Does the organization lead or lag in their industry in compensation? How are executive pay packages designed within the organization and what perks do executives receive that other employees do not. What stock options or retirement incentives are provided to employees?
Conclude with your key takeaways and suggestions for improvement.
The outline format is provided below , you need to use it to make outline for presentation