map skills critical thinking

Critical Thinking and Skills Based Assignment 4 (Chapters 13-16)AMH 1010 Directions:Please pick two (2) map activities from below to complete. Please include the map number (for example, Map 1.1 or Map 2.3) for each map activity. Include the questions in your response and answer the questions for each map activity in complete sentences. You will be graded for both the accuracy of your response and your grammar, spelling, etc.Be sure to proof your work carefully and to complete the assignment on your own.The Reading the Maps questions will vary in the length of answer required ranging from one sentence to a paragraph. You are to answer these questions by reading the map so your answer must be supported by information found on the map. The Connections questions require a longer response of a paragraph or two. The activities are in your textbook (it is noted if not in the value edition) and in the PowerPoints provided in the content section.
Map Activity Choices (Choose 2 activities in total from all the options listed below. A map activity will have a specific number, such as Map 1.1.You are to do two map activities from the entire unit. You may do two from one chapter or pick one from different chapters.):

Chapter 13 – Map Activity Choice Five: Map 13.1 Cotton Kingdom, Slave Empire 1820