Marketing Plan-Blitzball by College Hill Games

Post your selection for the entire class to see and I will respond accordingly.
Based on the product or service you create in your Individual Assignment in Week 2, pick one as a team, and create a 700- to 1,050-word basic marketing plan.
Answer the following questions in a list format:
Who are you selling to?
What problems might the buyer have?
How can you, as the seller, fix the buyers problems?
What actions would you like the seller to take?
What market value does your product or service provide?
What proof can you provide? Items such as credibility, indicators, guarantees, testimonials, etc.
What kind of company are you? What is your “look and feel”?
What language would you need to use to sell most effectively?
What keyword phrases would you need to use? (Think of terms that would be beneficial when searching online.)
How would you integrate this product or service to meet local or regional needs?
What would need to be done today? Next week? Next month? Next year?

The paper is about Blitzball by College Hill Games!!! I only need two sentences at the top of the page answered not the entire paper plan!