MAT232AssignmentsWeek 3 – Midterm

Week 3 Midterm Exam – MyStatLab Homework

[WLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3]

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read and review the following resources from previous weeks and for this week:

  • Chapter 1: Speaking of Statistics
  • Chapter 2: Measurement in Statistics
  • Chapter 3: Visual Displays of Data
  • Chapter 4: Describing Data


Step 1:

Practice Midterm

To help you prepare for the Week 3 – Midterm, there is a practice midterm exam within MyStatLab, the Week 3 – Practice Midterm. The advantage of completing a practice test is that questions are similar to those on the Week 3 – Midterm, and all the help features are included. You will be able to view a similar solved example or check out the most applicable textbook pages as you learn on the Week 3 – Practice Midterm. You are required to take the Week 3 – Practice Midterm, but you don’t need to ace it. A score of 30% or better is required to move forward to take the graded Week 3 – Midterm.

To access the practice midterm exam, click on the following link:


Step 2:

Midterm Exam

The above preparation is important since you can only take the Week 3 – Midterm one time. You must answer the questions in order and you may not return to a question after you have worked on it, so be sure to complete the question before clicking NEXT or SAVE FOR LATER. The midterm is timed; you need not complete it in a single sitting as the “Save for Later” option is enabled. It may be less stressful to complete half of the midterm, save the midterm and complete the rest later. Note: When you return to complete the midterm, you cannot revise answers on any questions previously viewed or answered.


The Week 3 – Midterm must be completed on the MyStatLab system by the deadline. The midterm contains 34 multiple-choice and short answer questions. You have four hours to complete the Week 3 – Midterm exam and just one attempt. Other than StatCrunch, help is not included on the midterm.


Topics covered in the midterm include

  • determining levels of measurement,
  • calculating relative differences,
  • constructing frequency tables,
  • interpreting histograms,
  • describing distributions,
  • finding measures of center, and
  • identifying how graphs can be misleading.


After completing the practice midterm, click on the link below to load the MyStatLab Week 3 – Midterm.