MBADM 814, SP19, 001, 002 Discussion/Individual Participation Self-Assessment #1




1. Displays Subject Knowledge and Integration of ContentExcellent grasp and integration of course material; information from readings or outside sources integrated and cited appropriately in posts.Sound grasp of material from assigned readings in initial statement. Some use of outside sources, appropriately cited.Familiarity with most material and principles in the discussion. Lacks substantive use of outside sources. Incorrect or absent citations.Poor grasp of material and principles in the discussion. Little to no use of outside sources.INCOMPLETE
JUSTIFICATION STATEMENTI comprehend most of the materials and principles assigned, however, I haven’t use material or conducted research outside of the provided resources as it wasn’t made clear that we can.
IMPROVEMENT STATEMENTStrive to master the material and become the subject matter expert, support my analysis with reliable sources as in will renforce your work.
2. Critical Analysis of TopicHigh level of analysis; adds new ideas to discussion or asks highly relevant questions.  Provides respectful, useful and substantive criticism to fellow group members.Sound analysis of the discussion issue and peripheral issues. Adds new ideas to the discussion.  Provides helpful feedback to group members.Missed some of the main issues. Analysis simplistic or sketchy. Little substantive feedback provided to discussion group members.Little to no real analysis; undue reliance on unsubstantiated opinion or anecdotes. No substantive feedback to group members.INCOMPLETE
JUSTIFICATION STATEMENTMy responses are to long and need to be kept on topic.
IMPROVEMENT STATEMENTI need to be concise while improving my ability incorperate the readings in my feedback/feedforward.
3. Effective WritingAble to clearly articulate thoughts, ideas and opinions; few or no errors in spelling/grammar.Writing is clear and easy to follow; some errors in spelling and grammar.Overall writing in terms of structure, grammar and spelling barely acceptable.Poor writing overall with awkward or confusing word usage.  Many errors in grammar and spelling.INCOMPLETE
JUSTIFICATION STATEMENTI have poor use of grammar and structure of sentences.
IMPROVEMENT STATEMENTPractice and seek help from review sources
4. Timely & Complete ParticipationTiming, length and number of posts exceeds minimum standards; quality of posts is high and contributes greatly to the overall substance of the discussion.Timing, length and number of posts meets standards.  Quality of posts adds to the substance of the discussion.Posts are late, too short or infrequent.  Regardless of quality, they may add little to the discussion because of late submission.Posts are too infrequent and they appear too late in the week to enable other students to respond.INCOMPLETE
JUSTIFICATION STATEMENTI need prodding to post reqirements on time, attaining completion on tasks, and finishing jobs.
IMPROVEMENT STATEMENTStay productive and motivateed. Complete tasks and reqirements fully and on time.
5. Tenor & Tone: Academic – Respectful – Challenging – FriendlyTone of posts is respectful and appropriately challenging. Focus remains on academics, with personal anecdotes kept to a minimum and used to illustrate points. Appropriate humor and friendliness are encouraged.Tone is respectful, friendly, appropriately challenging, and focused on academics.
Anecdotes are used appropriately.
Tone is sometimes unfriendly. Over-reliance on personal opinion and anecdotes, without reference to course materials. Feedback is rejected.Tone is consistently negative, rude or whiney.  Student’s posts have a depressing effect on the classroom learning environment.INCOMPLETE
JUSTIFICATION STATEMENTReinforces others’ efforts, meets commitments to team, employs good teamwork techniques.
IMPROVEMENT STATEMENTTeam builder, inspires cooperation and progress, focuses goals and techniques for the team, and the best at accepting and offering team direction.