Meaning of Christ’s suffering and death

*Read all of Siddiqui, Ch. 6 (pp. 224-248)
How do Christians understand the meaning of Christ’s suffering and death (as found in the quotes from Christians in Siddiqui’s book)? How do Muslims understand it (see the quotes from Muslims in the book)? How does Siddiqui herself, a Muslim involved in dialogue with Christians, make sense of the cross, on a more personal note? (see especially pg. 233-234 and 242-248)?
Grading rubric
refer clearly to that text or texts (e.g., through a brief quotation and citation) Example: “Quote” (Julian, p. 5).
include some original, substantive commentary by you. This could be a question, example, or criticism.
be comprehensive yet concise (your response should be around one page, or 350 words).
be well written and free of grammatical and typographical error.
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