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Running head: memo1

Memo: Presenting the Problem


[Name of Student]

July 12, 2022

Memo: Employee Offboarding Process

To: The Owner/Boss

From: add your name here

Subject: employee offboarding process should be smooth

Dear Boss,

It is to inform you that along with employee retention, the organization needs a smooth employee offboarding strategy to leave a positive impression on the organization. It creates a safe space for employees and motivates them to return to the organization anytime. Our organization fails to establish a productive and formal offboarding process that negatively affects the perception of leaving and remaining employees. The lack of a well-planned offboarding strategy makes the existing process problematic for both parties. When employees leave the organization, managers and leaders do not cooperate, strengthening their belief that they are doing good by leaving the organization. Research says that the formal and cooperative treatment of managers and leaders should make employees regret their decision (Bauer, 2021). it is crucial to improve the employee offboarding process, and for this, I’m conducting research to guide the understanding of leaders and managers at the organization. Details of the research are as follows;

Problem Statement:

An ineffective offboarding process brings adverse outcomes for the employee and the organization. It is essential to create an effective and well-planned offboarding process to leave a positive impression on the leaving employee as well as on employees working with the organization (Bauer, 2015). A productive offboarding process motivates the employee to rethink their decision and improves the possibility of the employee’s return in the future. Managers and leaders of the organization fail to recognize the problem, and this research aims to highlight possible complications that could occur if the problem isn’t addressed immediately.


The purpose of the study is to help managers and leaders of the organization to recognize the problem and contribute to addressing the problem immediately.

Research Question:

Does a well-planned and cooperative employee offboarding process help the organization attract the employee again in the future?

Data Collection:

Data will be collected from the remaining employees to answer the proposed research question. A qualitative research questionnaire will be used to collect data. Employees from all the departments will be asked about their opinion on the employee offboarding process and what they expect from the organization while leaving it for any reason.


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