Memorandum To: From: Date: October 31, 2021 Subject: Formal Topic Proposal This




Date: October 31, 2021

Subject: Formal Topic Proposal

This memo is submitted for approval and feedback on my research study on the side effects of vaccines. The memo contains an overview of the topic and the primary problem, and the potential solutions that can be implemented. It also includes the scope and methods of research used in the study. Following these brief sections, preliminary conclusions have been provided to aid in future research.


Vaccination involves the Injection of killed microbes intending to stimulate the immune system against future effects of the microbe which prevents contracting that disease. Vaccination works by stimulating the immune system, the system responsible for fighting diseases in the body. A vaccine consists of weakened microorganisms or proteins and toxins extracted from the microorganisms. Despite being designed to protect bodies from diseases, vaccines just like any other form of modification can have side effects. These side effects experienced from vaccination range from mild to very serious effects in some cases. This happens as the immune system responds to alien microbes that are introduced into the body.

Statement of Problem

After birth, a big number of babies suffer from illnesses that are serious and can cause death. They are also more susceptible to medical events like Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. In addition, congenital diseases become more evident in babies during the first year. By chance, most of the babies experience a medical event that increases the need for vaccination.

Different vaccinations have different side effects on the recipients. This ranges from mild to severe side effects depending on the individual. To understand the possibility of side effects occurring due to a particular vaccine, it is advisable to compare the side effects of a vaccine with few side effects to that with high side effects.

Some vaccines have adverse side effects which may lead to serious infections like meningitis, cases of pneumonia, and sepsis. Mild side effects do not last for a long time and usually, go away. Mild side effects may include swelling and pain where the shot was taken, headaches, aches in joints and muscles, chills, and mild fever. In some more serious cases, individuals may experience difficulties in breathing, increased heartbeat swelling on their faces, general weakness, and causes of dizziness.

Proposed solutions.

There are rarely any long-term side effects of vaccines in the body. Once they have been integrated into the body and the body has processed them stimulating the immune response for later use, the rest is disposed of. Short-term effects can be treated by drinking a lot of fluids and if there is pain after the injection paracetamols can be taken (Morales-Núñez, Muñoz-Valle, Meza-López, Wang, MachadoSulbarán, Torres-Hernández & Hernández-Bello, 2021, p. 742). For long-term side effects, anyone suspecting an association between vaccination and side effects can report to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System which monitors the effects and can recommend compensations.


The following factors will be put into consideration during the research process:

Is vaccination more effective than natural immunity?

Can autism be caused by vaccines?

How dangerous are vaccine side effects?

Why are vaccines administered so early?

Can individuals pick and choose vaccines?

What body is concerned with the monitoring of vaccine side effects and its role?


The primary source of data will be obtained from case studies. Different methods will be used in the case study to collect and analyze data. Observing and carrying out interviews with parents of babies that have been vaccinated as well as going through public records will be used to get more insight into the research.

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There have been different side effects associated with getting vaccinated. These side effects range from mild to severe side effects and the need to manage the side effects. This is because different people react differently to vaccines. There is also the need to understand how the body is responsible for monitoring the side effects of vaccination and formulate ways for compensation in case of adverse side effects.