Mental Health in the Older Adult

Submit two postings :Mental Health in the Older Adult PostingPosting One Write a two-page paper discussing the selected topicPosting Two Write a two-page paper discussing the selected topicEach posting will be graded according the following criteria:Discusses posting topic succinctly

Shows evidence of critical analysis and application of course theory (you must link your discussion to at least one course reading).

Uses APA 7th edition format to reference citations

Mental Health in the Older Adult Posting

Briefly describe an older client who has mental health or cognition problems and who, in your opinion, has been under-treated. What are the barriers to the accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of the client in this example? How could these barriers to the client’s diagnosis and treatment be addressed? What is the role of nursing in addressing mental health problems? What has this experience taught you about senior’s mental health? How might you use this knowledge in the future?

Each essay should have a deliberate structure, and should convey the elements of an argument. In this sense, an essay is like a legal case: it contains a point of view, perhaps more than one, expressed logically, presents appropriate evidence to support the views expressed, and leads to a conclusion; it should also take opposing arguments into account. An essay should show evidence of individual thought, originality, and even eccentricity (if properly argued). It should be based on adequate and appropriate reading and reflection, and should always acknowledge intellectual debts through proper citations. Your grade will reflect how well you have met these standards.Open your essay with an introduction that states the problem you wish to explore, or the question you plan to answer. Develop your argument and present your evidence in the body of the essay, and end your work with a conclusion that summarizes the problem or question and states your own judgement or answer.Note: You must use the style outlined in the current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) (7th ed.).