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Survey Application
In chapter 6, we discussed several tools that firms can utilize to gather customer data and opinions to enhance the company`s processes and systems and match the customers` expectations. In this activity, you are requested to apply one of the most common tools discussed ( Survey ) following the below instructions:
1- Choose one product or service or process or system used or any main concern you want to have more information about (such as product and you want to know the customers opinions about, or their experience, or their expectation for product that is not created yet). Try mostly to connect your topic with the quality issues.
You can use real life products, services, processes or systems or create your own (Think out of the box)
2- Identify the main points you want to gather information about, and start creating 10 questions. (Follow the textbook guidance on types of questions and characteristics)
3- Be clear, direct and concise when writing your questions.
4- Go through the link below on how to create an online survey, use the free tool to create your list of questions. You can use any other websites as long as is credible and accessible for your participants.
5- Identify the list of participants, no less than 5 participants should be included, you can take the permission to include your classmates if you wish.
Put me as participant ( not included in the five so I can take a look to your questions) in addition to submit a screen shot of the questions through the used website.
6- Once the survey forms are submitted, start analyzing the results.
7- You have to create one word file page contains ( screenshot of responses as appendix, Results analysis , recommendations )
Marks : 6 points ( 3 for survey creation , 3 for results and recommendations)