Michigan Doctors License Case

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Week 4 Dicussion Board
Review the article via the link provided and answer the following questions in a paragraph format.
Please post by Wednesday and reply to two of your colleagues by Sunday.Link – Michigan Doctor’s License Suspended After Allegedly Performing Liposuction in Unfinished Pole Barn (Links to an external site.) article .
What went wrong in this situation / case? Discuss the wrong.
Should the patients have seen red flags? Would you see a Cardiologist who operated a body laser sculpting business? In a pole barn? Paid cash, upfront?
What were some of the violations?
Steckroth, J. (2017, May 16). Michigan doctors license suspended after allegedly performing liposuction in unfinished pole barn. Retrieved from https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/2017/05/16/mic…