Microbiology abstract experiment

Please write a one-page scientific abstract on your Food Lab Experiment. Please refer to the guidelines discussed in lab, and check grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This abstract will be worth 30 points toward your lab grade.

1. Concept of bacteria in food
2. I used the ground beef for the fact that raw meat has a high amount of bacteria, which will help us see the difference.
3. The method that was use is by observe plates and record data.
4. Hypotheses: acidic conditions inhabit bacterial growth
5. Prediction: if we added a vinegar on a ground beef, it would have less bacteria compared to the beef without the vinegar.
6. Results : beef without vinegar 1:10,000 dilation plate , 135 colonies 135,000 Bacteria / ml , however beef with vinegar in 1:100 dilution 60 colonies, and 600 gm, which proves that the vinegar works.
7. Recommendations.