Microsoft DFD Assignment: System Description: is a website that allows any Auth

com is a website that allows any Author to submit a short story and have it reviewed for a fee of $10. It also allows any Critic to go to the site and review submitted short stories for free.
To submit a short story, an Author goes to the site and submits a story by cutting and pasting it onto the submission screen. At the same time, the Author also includes their personal information and the story information (category type, title) of the story submitted and submits it all at once. The system then takes the story and stores it in the story submission file.
For a Critic, they go to the system and select a category of story to review. The System displays the available titles of submitted stories for that category type. The Critic selects a story and reads it. The Critic enters their review of the story into a submission page and submits. The Critic receives no payment or any other feedback. The system stores the submitted review in the review submission file.
To obtain reviews the Author must pay $10 by entering payment information. The system stores the payment information in the transaction file. Each day the system sends a payment transaction report to the Payment Department of a payment company.
After submitting payment information, the author can access the review of the short story.
Create data flow diagrams as detailed below using Microsoft based on the above description for the system. If you absolutely cannot obtain MS Visio you may submit diagrams either created using Power Point or in Word. You are responsible for ensuring the diagrams contain all of the information required, regardless of the tool you use.
Q1 (5 pts): Draw the Context Diagram of the system and name that page “Context_Diagram”
Q2 (12 pts): Draw the Level-0 DFD of the system and name it “Level0_Diagram”.
Q3 (8 pts): Choose only one process in the Level-0 DFD and further decompose it into a Level-1 DFD (5 pts). Name it “Level1_Diagram”
. NOTE: To decompose one process you are allowed to make assumptions about what goes on inside that process beyond what is described in the description of but you cannot change or contradict the system description.
As for external entities, you
In the level-0 diagram for Q2, you should have approximately 4 major processes (however, you can have more or less than 4 depending on whether they make sense and capture how the system works).
In the level-0 diagram for Q2, though things happen in sequence, remember that DFDs do not show when or how often things happen.
Make sure you have included all the needed data flows that are indicated in the narrative. Missing data flows will lose points.
Make sure that all the processes, entities, and data flows are named properly (do not forget about the naming rules).
Keep in mind the principle of balancing when you decompose from Q1: context diagram to Q2: level-0 diagram and from Q2: level-0 diagram to Q3: level-1 diagram. If the diagrams are not balanced, you will lose points.
To the best of your ability, if you have data flows crossing with each other or other symbols, try moving them around or changing their shapes to eliminate the overlap. Otherwise, it will be hard for me to read and grade your solution.
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