Microsoft Office Outlook Assignment Complete Outlook Assignment 1 In this assignment you will organize you

You will need to take screenshots of each required element (listed below). Add these screenshots to a Word or PowerPoint document. Then, upload the document in Moodle. The document should include screenshots of:
A Customized Inbox
An Organized Mailbox, done by:Adding 3 folders;
Adding email messages to the appropriate folders

An Organized Contacts GroupCreating a “New Contact” for each member of the group;
Assigning a “Category” for the Group.

Upload to Moodle
In-ClassDatabase Basics: W3Schools
Review, Select, Update, and Insert Commands
Using the Northwinds Database on Wschools or a resource provided by your instructor find the answers to these queries:
A. Select statement (List, display, show, find)
List all the records and fields in the Products table
List just the product name, unit Price, Units in stock
List all the products that discontinued field is true.
Display the current product list (hint: query 3 should help)
B. Using the where clause to:
List all the products that have a unit price less than 22
List all the products that stock level is greater than 33
List only the current products that meet both queries 1 and 2 in this section
C. Order By:
Redo A2 and sort by unit Price
Redo A2 and sort byproduct descending