middle childhood-Greece podcast

During this week, we discuss middle childhood and adolescence, and our focus will be to relate that material (and/or earlier class material) to a current global crisis. Children from many parts of the world end up living in refugee camps – sometimes for a month or two, but sometimes for many years. I want you to think about how our understanding of human development might help us to understand the experiences of the children in these camps.
This week you will listen to a podcast about children living in a refugee camp in Athens, Greece. (For those who do not know, a podcast is an online radio program. You can listen through the computer or your phone).
You can find instructions for how to listen to the podcast under Unit 4 Content.
After you have listened to the podcast, please do the following:
1) Choose one child from the story to discuss. Tell us the name and age of the child (ages are given in the story). (2 points)
2) Describe how the child is doing in the camp, and how that child’s developmental period might explain his or her reaction (using citations). Some of the children are in early childhood, and you are welcome to reference back to that material if you choose one of them. Several are in middle childhood or adolescence, which connect to this unit’s material.