The mineral and rock world is a fascinating world. Minerals are mined for use in chemicals and products we use everyday. They are vital to our health and they can also cause harm too. Some pure minerals, gemstones, are used in decor, jewelry, and non-western medicine. To that last point, many believe gems or crystals have healing powers and are used regularly in different alternative therapies (think chakra clearing). There is a sector of the tourism industry that involves mining/panning for your own gems or exploring large, vast caves with awe-inspiring crystals. There is the economic side to minerals from extraction to the sale of gemstones.

For this discussion post I want you to explore a specific mineral. Discuss where it is found, what type of rock it is found in, what are its uses (industry, western medicine, alternative medicine, jewelry, etc.), what colors or varieties does it come in, is there something special about it or a special location where this mineral can only be found, any interesting historical/cultural facts involving this mineral, or anything else you wish to share about your mineral.