MISS 606 Intercultural Communications

Research paper on How Should the Church Engage in Culture? 10 pages. Turabian formatting.
I have hereby provided a rubric that should guide you as you work on your research paper that is due in week 8. It should be 10 pages, which excludes the table of content and reference list/bibliography. Kindly familiarize yourself with it for the purposes of giving you a direction in your writing:
1. Introduction must briefly and clearly state the rationale and the objectives for the writer’s intention of dealing with the topic. The topic must be valid and contributive to one’s area of ministry. (20%)
2. The main body of the paper must demonstrate the writer’s adequate knowledge of the area that he/she is dealing with. The content of the body must demonstrate its reliability by providing relevant references. The body must also demonstrate the writer’s ability to convince the reader that his/her argument is truthful and reliable. In order for the paper to be convincible, the writer must maintain a consistent flow of logic and should be analytical of the data collected from reliable sources/relevant textbooks. (30%)
3. Analysis from both insider’s and outsider’s perspectives (20%)
4. Conclusion must consist of a brief summary of the key issues for which the researcher has argued in the body, missiological implications, etc and recommendations for further studies in this topic area. (15%)
5. Writing style and skills e.g originality and formatting are also assessed for grading. (15 %).