Module 3 – SLP Developing and Rewarding Employees

Module 3 – SLP
Developing and Rewarding Employees
For the SLP assignments in this course, you first discussed the role of HR staff in treating employees as assets in Module 1. You also learned how the various HR laws protect both employees and employers. In Module 2, you learned about the different steps of the talent management process: recruiting, interviewing, selecting, and on-boarding new employees. In Module 3, you will continue to follow two employees with the focus now on employee training and development, performance management, performance appraisals, and performance strategies.

Talent management is a process used to develop members of the organization so that they can perform their jobs at top effectiveness and efficiency. It is a continuous process of improvement and an opportunity to provide human capital with the updates and insight needed to be successful on the job.

ACME Packing

Developing and Rewarding Employees

What is employee training and development?
What is performance management?
What is a performance appraisal?
What are some non-traditional performance strategies to increase employee engagement, increase productivity, and improve performance levels?
In Module 3, your SLP assignment will cover the topic of Developing and Rewarding Employees. In this assignment, you will discuss the differences between employee training and development as well as the differences between performance management and performance appraisal. Then, working with your HR manager, you will determine what training and development opportunities are available for the two roles you selected to follow in Module 2. Next, you will discuss your understanding of the difference between performance management and a performance appraisal. Selecting one of the two roles you selected to follow in Module 2, determine what parts of a performance appraisal (at the annual review of your selection) should be required and explain why. Last, you will discuss the use of non-traditional performance strategies you will use to increase employee engagement, increase productivity, and improve the performance level of the second employee you hired in Module 2 at ACME Packing.

SLP Assignment

Your paper for this assignment will be 2-3 pages (which means not less than two full pages) that cover the following four topics:

Employee training and development
Performance management
Performance appraisal
Non-traditional performance strategies
In addition to the background readings, find one additional peer-reviewed academic journal article to support your discussion about one of these four topics. These are usually found in the Trident Online Library.

Submit the assignment to the SLP 3 Dropbox by the due date and time for Module 3 assignments.

SLP Assignment Expectations
Your submission will be assessed on the criteria found in the grading rubric for this assignment:

Meets assignment requirements
Critical thinking
Writing and assignment organization
Use of sources and mechanics
Timeliness of assignment


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