Mohammed ibn al-Zain, Basin (Baptistère de Saint Louis)

You must include footnotes and a bibliography to document all your sources in the Chicago Turabian Notes and Bibliography style. Address the following question in your essay: What do the different choices of iconography suggest about the original intended audience and type of setting for which each work was made? For example, do you believe it was intended for use in a religious setting or an elite secular setting? Was the audience Muslim? non-Muslim? Take a stand and support your argument with your own analysis. Written essay in Word Docx or PDF attached to this discussion. Use Times New Roman font in 12 point black ink, double spaced.Slide lecture in PowerPoint with captions and presenter notes OR VoiceThread allowing comments. Share as a link to a drive.Video shared as a link to a drive or Youtube (Do not upload a video file as they are too large).